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What is this BioCharger thing???

What is this BioCharger thing???, HOLISTIC HEALTH SERVICES in NEW PORT RICHEY, FL


Here at HHS, we introduced the BioCharger in late spring.  Honestly, we mostly call it the "flux capacitor" (from the movie Back to the Future) for its futuristic look and purpose.  While it can't really transport you back in time, it CAN address a lot of today's current physical issues.

The BioCharger combines multiple energetic and vibrational frequencies to treat the body at a deep, energetic level.    Over 1200 conditions have been addressed by this healing modality, with about 50 conditions pre-loaded into the system.  Some of the conditions we're seeing success with include tinnitus, sleep issues, tendon/joint/ligament/bone issues, prostate, skin issues, neuro-inflammation, and a variety of others.

While this machine is not intended to replace conventional medical care and per the usual disclaimer, is not intended to diagnose or cure any medical condition, we have been very pleased with responses so far.

The first visit is complementary, so you can experience the ultimate in passive healing therapy.  Just sit and feel better!!!