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What About This Virus?

Well, we are now approximately 18 months  into the coronavirus breakout.  The original "Stay home for 2 weeks to stop the spread" has now turned into much longer.  While numbers of cases continue to be discovered each day, the numbers of deaths and hospitalizations have been declining in many places.    Unfortunately, it would appear that spikes are occurring again in some regions, regardless of vaccination status.

Many of us have had loved ones affected by the virus, and some of us have lost loved ones all too soon to this unusual disease.  Coronaviruses have been around for centuries, but this one has an unusual "spike protein"  that made it harder for the body's immune system to handle.    There's a lot of speculation over how it got there.  Some say it evolved naturally from a bat; many say it actually came from a virology research lab in China that studies bats.  Some say it accidentally infected the human population; some say it was intentional.  With all the talking heads and cross-chatter, it's impossible to know.

We are learning more every day, but unfortunately, the atmosphere around it is highly politically charged, with everyone doubting everyone else.    Social media platforms have deleted professionals (and unprofessionals).    Politicians appear to be using treatment protocols denied to the general public, while profiting from pharmaceutical investments in treatments ascribed to the general public.

So what can you do?  How do you manage it?  

At the risk of sounding trite, you do what you can:  eat healthy, stay hydrated, love your family, be kind to others, and--if you have a spiritual practice---pray and meditate on the positive things of life.  Maintain an "attitude of gratitude".  Look for something every day that makes you glad to be alive!  All of us lost something this last year---loved ones, income, a sense of security.  Remain grateful for what you have.

If you want to take the shots, take the shots, but please be respectful of those who don't.  If you do not want to take the shots, don't take them, but please be respectful of those who do.  Everyone has a reason for their decision, and they are all valid.  Let's not lose our humanity over a virus.

We will help you here at Holistic Health Services any way we can.  Massaage helps eliminate built-up toxins, even from stress, in our bodies.  Acupuncture calms the nervous system and helps boost immunity.  Supplements can strengthen our immune response.

Whatever is happening for you in this unpredictable season, take care of YOU, too.